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Posted on February 21, 2015

COMBO – SA Möbler 2015
Preview of the multi-functional office furniture collection. Combo was orginally designed together with Adolfsson & Partners for the games developer King who wanted a flexible solution for their workstations when the teams change their size and composition. The semi-transparent screens embraces everything a workstation requires and can easily expand or contract as required.


Posted on February 10, 2015

LOVEHOUSE – a tribute to Yayoi Kusuma 2014
Nine creative design teams were invited by Dahl Agenturer to recreate a original 60´s style dollhouse and our mission was to do a personal “hommage” to someone, a style, word, color, feeling etc. Me and my team from Wedo; Hampus Östberg and Patrik Lindberg chose Yayoi Kusama. We have emerged into her universe and recreated and interpreted the designs and furniture. The dollhouses were auctioned and all the revenues went uncut to The Stockholm City Mission.

Silent Cargo – an Overland Express project by SX70 Europe

Posted on January 10, 2012

Silent Cargo – an Overland Express project by SX70 Europe 2011

We wanted to explore how HOLY would interact with the slow, flat landscape in Ostrobothnia. The suited gentlemen from accepted the task of letting HOLY inspire them on their way from Sievi to Stockholm. Their investigation of HOLY has led us to see new aspects, both of the candlesticks and of the suited gentlemen. Transporting monumental candlesticks led us to new insights on the interaction between physical objects, people and landscapes. See the project here